Loïc N. Michel

Research scientist

Ifremer Brittany

About me

I’m a marine ecologist broadly interested in how food web structure and trophic interactions influence ecosystem functioning and biodiversity. I’m also interested in how natural or anthropogenic environmental variations impact animal feeding, and how ecological plasticity mediates marine consumers’ response to change. I mostly tackle those issues by using polar and deep-sea benthic invertebrates as ecological models, and by developing approaches based on trophic markers, notably stable isotopes.


  • Food webs
  • Ecological interactions
  • Trophic markers
  • Functional ecology
  • Anthropogenic impacts
  • Global change
  • Invertebrate zoology


  • PhD in Biology of Organisms and Ecology, 2011

    University of Liège (BE)

  • MAS in Oceanology, 2007

    University of Liège (BE)

  • MSc in Animal Biology, 2005

    University of Liège (BE)

Recent news

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New paper - Importance of sea ice for Arctic food webs

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DeepIso v1 is live!

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20 Mo under the seas

Last weekend (03-05/10/2020), alongside many Ifremer and Océanopolis colleagues, we hosted the “20 Mo under the seas” event …


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