10/2019: "L'absence de débâcle estivale affecte les réseaux alimentaires marins en Antarctique Oriental". Lay summary of this paper in "FNRS.news", the Belgian Funds for Scientific Research (F.R.S-FNRS)'s quarterly magazine. Links to the article and the full issue.

08/2019: "Sea ice cover increase is changing the invertebrates’ feeding habits". ULiège news release about this publication. Links to the release in English or French.


12/2018: Elementar put together a news article presenting the initiatives that their ArDB competition's winners plan to develop, including our deep-sea stable isotope database. Link to the article


11/2017: University of Liège's stable isotope facility and our ecological research was broadcasted by Elementar (our instrumentation partner) as part of their "Customer spotlight" series. We're thrilled to be there next to isotopic superstars! Link to the article

01/2017: "Pourquoi prélève-t-on des organismes marins ?", guest post on the French National Museum of Natural History expedition blog about our research in Adélie Land. Link to the article


12/2016: During the PROTEKER campaign in Kerguelen Islands, several videos were shot about the journey and the research program. One of them focuses specifically on my research.

You can see all the other videos here. Unfortunately most are in French, but non-French speakers can still enjoy this one that focuses on the benthic ecosystems of the archipelago and whose soundtrack is only music.


04/2015: "Briser la glace", outreach article about the sampling campaign in Dumont-d'Urville, published in "Le 15ème jour du mois", University of Liège's monthly journal. Link to the article