DeepIso v1 is live!

It is a great pleasure to finally introduce DeepIso (A global open database of stable isotope ratios and elemental contents for deep-sea ecosystems) to the public! 18677 fully documented measurements conveniently located a couple of clicks away, at

This collaborative database currently has data for 493 distinct taxa from multiple habitats (hydrothermal vents, cold seeps, cold water coral reefs, other benthic or pelagic environments). Almost global latitude (-62 to 67°) and longitude (-177 to 152°) coverage, and samples taken between 1989 and 2018 at depths up to 5209 m. It’s been a tremendous amount of work to put that together, and would not have been possible without help from a cast of thousands. More info about the project and involved people here.

We hope this database will be useful for the community. Get in touch if you have any questions or feedback, and especially if you want to contribute! Hopefully, this v1 is just the beginning. Help us grow DeepIso as much as possible by sharing data and/or advertising the database to any potentially interested colleagues.

Example of targeted taxa: tubeworms Escarpia southwardae and mussels Bathymodiolus aff. boomerang from cold seeps. Picture: Ifremer, WACS cruise, 2011 (depth: 3160 m).